About Us

The owner of the building wanted a nice restaurant for the airport – a good quality meal with scenic views of the Missouri River. Bob, who runs the restaurant, has been in Jefferson City since 1972 and in the restaurant business for 38 years. Bob’s father, John Drainer, was employed at the airport for 24 years and Bob’s first job was at the airport at 16 years old, so the airport is part of their family roots. The Landing Zone is a proud monument to the Jefferson City airport and a fixture in the community.

Made To Order

All entrees are made to order, with locally sourced produce from a local farmer with a lot of farm ground all around the airport. We value the work of our local farmers and will source locally when we can.
The best burgers in Jefferson City, MO.
The best burgers in Jefferson City, MO.
Great home-cooked breakfast, with large portions at a great price.
Great home-cooked breakfast, with  large portions at a great price.

500 Airport Road, Jefferson City, MO 65101  573-636-0786

Gordan Dale Joan Avina Steven Smith David Newman
  • Yummy yummy for my tummy. Fresh fresh fresh. awesome food and atmosphere. You can't go wrong eating here. You can take that to the bank
    Steven Smith
  • I love eating here when I get the chance food is always great.
    Gordon Dale
  • Family friendly atmosphere, great service!
    David Newman
  • One of the best burgers I've had in a long time! I had to call and tell them how amazing it was. I highly recommend!
    Joan Avina